Adhesive tapes: The invisible hero behind elegant product solutions


While for most people the word “tape” means just an ordinary office tape or a duct tape found in most households, manufacturing professionals have known for a long time that it can also be an invaluable part of many different designs.

Beauty of the tape comes from its versatility. Does your product require that parts stay together even in extreme conditions? Do you need to bond parts together without adding virtually any weight? Do you need a bonding material that can also conduct electricity or insulate? Adhesives can be endlessly customised to almost any specifications and withstand even the most difficult challenges.

For a long time, tapes have been the invisible driving force behind many product innovations across industries. It’s time they came to the forefront and be recognized for what they are: a better solution. Even today, many production engineers still use traditional fastening methods, such as rivets, screws, or liquid adhesives, while they don’t really consider adhesive tapes as a viable, or even smarter alternative. It’s not just that adhesive tapes prove their performance and versatility in standard capabilities when it comes to bonding, masking, packaging, mounting or splicing. Once you start looking closely at adhesive materials and their properties, you’ll realize that often, they’re the better alternative.


Wide range of applications

Not only are tapes very thin and light, they can also perform multiple functions at once. This can result in elimination of other layers and lightening your final products. The functions it can perform vary widely and can be adjusted to the needs of specifications across industries, from automotive to medical.

Customised design

There are as many tape designs as there are product specifications. Tapes can be tailor-made to match each product, from the tape’s shape, size, thickness to material and other properties. This results in increased flexibility in product design and functionality, reduced cost and simplified handling and application.

Final product look

Since tapes can be made in virtually any shape, material and thickness you need, they can blend seamlessly into your design and become nearly invisible. As their durability and functionality is not impacted during this process, their incredible properties still allow you to take advantage of all of their attributes while you get more freedom in design.

A lasting solution

Adhesive tapes offer durable and reliable solutions that cannot be easily replicated with other techniques. Whether movable or permanent joints, bonding, insulation, shielding and / or wiring. Tapes also provide an even distribution of tension, vibration damping, noise regulation, the ability to withstand high and low temperatures, or water resistance. Some double-sided tapes, depending on the substrate, can support up to the weight of an adult person.

Save time and money

Introduction of tapes into production in most cases does not require any additional staff training or investment in equipment. Tapes save assembly time, are much lighter and safer than commonly used tools. Thanks to the adhesive thickness and the possibility of customisation, handling them is very simple and fast.

Are tapes right for your product?

While, as we’ve established, adhesive tapes are endlessly customisable and flexible, it’s always best to consult with a professional first before making any sort of switch. Our R&D team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about your existing products or those still in development. Among our many services, we offer a creation of small-batch samples for prototypes that might be the best way to find out on your own, whether you’re ready to make the switch to adhesive tapes.